Mobile Billboard Advertising

All You Need To Know About Mobile Billboard Advertising

Mobile Billboard Advertising

For those who are new to mobile billboard advertising and want to learn more about why so many companies are using this powerful medium, we have put together a short guide to help businesses understand the many benefits of this smart form of advertising. Although mobile billboards are still considered somewhat new in the Midwest, they have become quite popular in most major cities and offer a powerful way to promote your products and services.

What Is A Mobile Billboard?

Mobile billboards are a popular means of out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Typically, these huge digital advertising displays are mounted to each side of a truck, making it easier for brands to get 360-degree exposure to motorists, pedestrians, and commuters.

One of the key advantages of using mobile billboards for advertising is their flexibility. These state-of-the-art vehicles navigate through different areas of the community and can focus on specific regions where your target audience is located or frequently travels.

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On A Mobile Billboard or Video Walls?

The rates for our St Louis mobile videowall and digital mobile billboard services vary significantly depending on a variety of factors such as the hours of operation per day, the length of your engagement (short-term / long-term), travel time to/from the market, and the quantity of trucks needed.

Although the display of videos or animated art can conceivably attract a larger audience, some states have determined that the display of video is too distracting to other drivers. Therefore, for safety reasons and by law in some states, creatives may be limited to an assortment of static Ads, which work just as well.

Mobile billboards reach a larger audience and provide a distinctive display that highlights your brand’s identity. To obtain an accurate estimate of the cost of truck advertising or to find out more about digital mobile billboard trucks, reach out to Broadway Billboards and schedule a brief consultation today.

What Are The Advantages Of Investing In Mobile Billboards?

Mobile billboards offer several benefits to businesses looking for effective advertising solutions. They can be highly targeted and Creatives Customize your creatives to target a specific audience and to meet your marketing objectives. With an Ad Recall Rate of 97%, the large eye-catching visibility on a busy street provides unbeatable exposure for our clients.

Mobile billboards can also be used for countrywide marketing campaigns and can deliver location-based integrative advertising messages across two channels. They are compatible with most digital media and offer creative, three-sided advertisements with a 100% share of voice. With the ability to generate a high number of impressions each day, mobile billboards offer a cost-effective advertising solution at affordable rates.


Mobile billboard marketing is becoming increasingly more effective in achieving business goals. With the right research, strategic content, location planning, and a creatively designed mobile billboard advertisement, businesses can reach a larger target market and experience considerably more exposure. The mobile billboard advertising solution offers quality conversions and a cost-effective means of achieving marketing objectives. If the social media platform is actually working for your business, you may not need the power of Broadway Billboards, but mobile billboard marketing is gaining popularity nationwide because it provides premium results.

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